Half Day Samui Adventure Tour (Program B)

Informazioni generali

Koh Samui, Thailandia

Il programma nel dettaglio

Depart hotel by pick up for approximately 30 minute drive to the south of Koh Samui. Here, within the beautiful scenery of the green forest is located the Elephant camp, where the guests can see daily life activities of these huge animals, bathing, and at work. The program starts from the camp for soft trek on elephant back through the rainforest. Then you will do a 10 minutes Jungle walk to Namuang Waterfall 2 which, with its 80 metres of height, is the highest waterfall of Koh Samui. Then you will have some time to swim in the cool fresh water after which you will have a chance to enjoy the various shows. With the elephant show you will be amazed by their intelligence and the way they follow their trainer’s orders. At the monkey show you will see that those animals are as similar as human except the fact it can’t talk. The monkeys will welcome you with the show how monkey harvest coconut from coconut tree With the crocodile show you will be excited and enjoy this extreme show. The crocodile is considered as the most aggressive and dangerous animal, but sometimes human can change the rules. At the bird show you will admire the beautiful Macaws that not only they can fly but they know how to calculate and show bicycle riding. Finally at the snake show you will see the snakes indigenous to Samui, as well as scorpion and how to fight with King Cobra and Siamese Cobra. Thai set lunch will be served at local restaurant. (Remark: the cable is option, if clients don't want elephant riding, they can do cable ride instead).